YouTube, has now put out a Material Design Update for the YouTube app for android. The new YouTube App update Version 6 is now available via google play store. This brings bug fixes, stability improvements and more noticeably Material Design to the app.

Also the new YouTube App update stands out with plush and redder color. Navigation feels smoother with this new update. This could have been put out to go together with the release of Lollipop since the app uses Lollipop API to pull colors from the respective channel being watched and changes the top splash color accordingly.

What to expect and major Introductions with this Update:

  • A new option to choose video quality right from the video
  • YouTube seems to have given more attention to music lovers, because this update comes with a whole new section for music. Features a launch with never ending YouTube mix from your favorite music videos.
  • Personalized “What to Watch” recommendations

Anyways, these are some things to look out for. I am excited for this new Material Design on YouTube App. Hope you are too. Will keep an eye on the reviews people give on the app store to see how they find this new Material Design App Update.

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