Ughhh… When you try to reply a comment from one of your YouTube videos, it says “Comment failed to post”. At first I thought it is some kind of a maintenance glitch. But NO! it keeps on happening.

But I found out what can be done to be able to comment without the error message “Comment failed to post”. Here is the fix.

All you should do is to scroll up and play the video just for a second pause it again; sometimes there is an Ad playing, let it finish or if there is a “SKIP” available, you may skip the ad. And go back to the comment you were trying to reply. Finish the comment and hit reply.

Comment Failed To Post On YouTube

Why Does it say “Comment failed to post” on YouTube?

Well, here is my theory. YouTube don’t like the Ads playing on the background without someone (you) really watching the Ad while you are busy reply to your YouTube video comment scrolled way down. So once you let the ad to finish playing or when you hit “SKIP” Ad, that is a “valid action” taken on that Ad, right?

I know this is a really short and quick one. But make sure you leave a comment and Subscribe to my YouTube channel @ Bob’s Den. Hope this helped! Let me know.