What is Vero?

Vero App

The Vero App

what is this big buzz about this Vero thing all of a sudden, out of nowhere.  

Well, Vero is a brand new Social media platform/app that promises its users a new “social” and “authentic” experience. In Esperanto language “Vero” means truth. In their website Vero claims to be used as a true social media app, to share life when it happens as it happens.

Vero is established in 2015 by Ayman Hariri, a Lebanese billionaire, Motaz Nabulsi and Scott Birnbaum. Vero has put forward its vision in the form of a “Manifesto” which anyone can access from the website, I’ve added a snapshot in later part of this post.

What Is Vero-Video

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The Vero App:

Vero App

The Vero App- My profile and First post

The Vero app actually looks crisp and clean. A different feel and look from what we’ve been used to with different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat etc.

On the top bar you have the Vero app to start with on the left side. To the right side you have five icons starting with the magnifying glass for search, your profile, collections, a bell icon for notifications and a chat icon for messages.

A different concept here on Vero app I find is the “Collections”. This consists of all your photos/videos, Links which you shared, Music you like, Movies/Tv, Books you like and places. You may ask “well, these are all in Facebook as well. What is the big deal?”. Honestly, I don’t know for sure. But what I can see here is that there is no “ads or sponsored posts” which are always annoying.

Vero App Collections

Vero App- Collections

What Makes Vero Standout From Other Social Media Apps?

No Advertisements and No Algorithms”, and that is also the answer to “Why Vero?”, if you may ask. Of Course Vero has all the other features like sharing photos, videos, posts etc but Vero took it a step further to add “anything and everything”.

Also, since they don’t have any algorithms or advertisers to please; Vero claims not to curate or track user activity. This is how vero puts it into perspective-

You won’t have to pay to “boost your post”, or “reach your audience.”

(hmm… who would do that?)

Vero’s feed would be a lists of post from you and your contacts and would be shown to you when it happens, which they mention under their clarifications section that they “don’t hold back posts”.

What is Vero?- The Buzz?

So why the buzz now? Well, the word got out slowly but once the influencers/creators from other popular social medias like Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook started mentioning about Vero, it caught on like a wildfire. Now everyone wants to be a follower of their favourite creator in Vero as well. The whole internet seems to be filling up with Vero news and blogs like this. “The Buzz” could have been started just by word of mouth; in a sense.

Vero has it on its website. The Vero App is “Free” for the first one million users. That definitely made my eyebrows raise. So what happens after that? That’s when it got my attention when i went through their manifesto and clarifications that Vero basically a subscription based social app. Well that makes sense of “no advertisements and algorithms”.

Also, the “free for first one million sign ups” would make you go in and check it out at least for the sake of it. It think it is a very good strategy to get people to signup! It got me in. I’m at least going to try it out a bit now.

Vero Manifesto

Vero Manifesto

Vero Manifesto

Vero Manifesto

What Else Is There In Vero?

In Vero, you could categorise your “friends” into different categories; namely, close friends, friends, followers, acquaintances.

While it’d be interesting to see how long this would stay as it is because of its nature, this is something different that other social media networks. well some do. We know how it went with goole+ “circles”.

Vero claims to provide a clean feed devoid of advertisements. Just posts and shares from you and your friends. But it is ironic that while I’m writing this, the Vero app constantly kept on showing the error message “Server side service timeout. Please try again later”. Probably the result of the whole “What is Vero ” buzz!.  This is what it says on their website right now, “We are experiencing higher than normal load. We are working to resume normal service as soon as possible.”

But you might see a “Buy Now” button here and there. This buy now button could show up on your friends post or if someone share a movie, music, a book etc. The buy now button is supposedly there for your pure convenience, so that you could make a purchase of your favourite item without ever going out of the Vero app.

What The Heck Is Vero- I’m Already In Too Many Social Media?

Should you join Vero? My answer is “Why Not?”

If you could be one of those first one million people, why not? Get in, check it out and if you think it is boring; Oh what the heck? Right?

We’ve all seen that happen again and again with Bebo, Vine, Ello, Peach, Orkut, Google+(well…).

Social media networks come and go all the time. Some linger around for good or for bad. We know it takes a lot of our “real life” time away from us. So, try it out and maybe you’d say; “Hey i do this all the time with this app or that app, why use Vero?”. If that is the case, I’d again say “Oh well, what the heck!”

Vero Website

Vero Website

If No Advertising, How Does Vero Make Their Money?

Like I mentioned before, Vero is basically a subscription based service/app. As of how much the subscription fee would be, we don’t know yet. But it says this,

“New users after that will be asked for a small annual fee to join a social network they can hopefully feel good about.”

If you are already in, it means you are excluded from this annual fee because you are a “one in the million”, lol.

Coming back to our topic on how Vero makes their money, apart from the subscription they also charge the merchants through the Vero app. When someone clicks on the “Buy Now” button and a payment/sale goes through, the merchant of that particular item would be levied a charge for the transaction.

What Is Vero? – My Conclusion:

While Vero is a big buzz and have an explosive popularity, it’d be interesting to see what happens once Vero hits the one million subscriber mark.

Is it just going to be an app with one million people who don’t know what to do with it after a while? Or is it going to be the next Insta-snap-witter-book?

I guess we’d see in a short time. I joined Vero anyways. If you guys want to add me, Search for my name “Bob Babu”, and I’d be happy.

But otherwise, I guess you got an idea on What Vero is. Here is my link to my YouTube channel @ Bob’s Den. Tune in for more videos and blog post from me on Vero.

Let me know what you think about all this and see if you can find me in Vero(Search my name “Bob Babu”) if you end up joining Vero.