What Is Four Percent Group?

Four percent group is an Affiliate Marketing system founded by vick strizheus. Four Percent Group is geared towards newcomers in Affiliate Marketing, where they can start their training and progress all the way up to an expert level.

How does 4 Percent Group Make It Easier For A Newcomer?

Four Percent Group goes more than a basic training on how affiliate marketing works, how to become a successful affiliate marketer; along with opportunities to promote different products. The reason why a lot of newcomers to affiliate marketing are successful with 4 percent group is because of the integration of affiliate links from services that everyone would eventually be using to make affiliate promotions work smoothly.

Once you join 4 percent group, you’ll have an option to plugin your affiliate links from services like Clickfunnels, Getresponse, Aweber and a few others. These are services used by every affiliate marketers out there to effectively carry out their affiliate promotions.

So once someone joins from your link and signup with these services, you’ll get payed commissions from those service providers. Hence, even without going for higher levels inside 4 percent group, people can start seeing results.

What is four percent group

Do I Get Payed for Promoting 4 Percent Group?

Yes, Four Percent Group is set up in a way that the system itself can be promoted as an affiliate product. In fact, by promoting four percent itself would start earning you money to move forward for further levels of training. I would say that Vick has made it to be a win win for everyone that way.


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Do I Have Spend More Money?

Yes, if you decide to go for higher level trainings and so forth. I personally don’t think you need to opt in for those until you get well versed with affiliate promotional methods. But once you start earning money with affiliate marketing and if you see that your earnings would basically cover your subscriptions, I’d say you’re ready to move further ahead.

Conclusion On “What Is Four Percent Group”:

I hope this helped you guys in attaining a quick overview of what four percent group is; if you are interested in testing the waters yourself, Check Out Four Percent Group here. Be prepared to invest some time and money for your training and testing your skills. A lot of paid traffic methods(which actually works) are taught by Vick within four percent group system.

If you are really into online marketing and brand development, you might  want to check this out since it covers almost all aspect of online marketing from what SEO is, to highly invested paid traffic strategies.