I won’t be lying to you if I said “Affiliate Marketing” is one subject where people are being exploited on, in the online realm. How or why, you may ask; because it is often presented in such a way that it is intriguing and lead to believe to be an easy way to make a truck load of money online. And hence, people spent a lot of money buying softwares and so called “programs” in hopes of making quick revenue. So what the heck is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, simply is the practice of selling other people/merchant’s products/goods for a commission from those sales generated by you. Simple as that. And the person who does these promotions are referred to as an Affiliate Marketer.

Now, the problem is when people are convinced to believe that it is easy to become an expert affiliate marketer by using a program or a piece of software. Please do not fall for that nonsense. Don’t get me wrong here though; once you understand how to use the fundamentals, you might have to use all the help you can in terms of using multiple softwares, websites, blogs etc. Let me explain to you What Affiliate Marketing is in this post and continue reading on how to be one, on my further posts.

How does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

To start off, you must become an Affiliate. You don’t necessarily have to own a product. Like I mentioned above, you can promote other people’s products.

So how do you do that? By joining an Affiliate Network OR by joining a company where they have one or more products of theirs for you to promote.

Once you are successfully joined with an affiliate network, you’ll now be provided with unique links (promotional link/s) depending on how many products you want to promote. So, if someone clicks that particular link of yours and buys that product, you get your cut/commission out of that sale. You affiliate network will process all your sales for you and pay your commission. These commissions may vary depending on the network, products and merchants.

What are Affiliate Networks?affiliatemarketing Networks

Affiliate Networks are places/websites you can go and join to promote the products their merchants have which are appealing to your Niche.

Some uses of joining an affiliate network are,

  • You get to have your hands on a variety of products to promote which falls under your taste.
  • Access to use special deal prices and coupons so that attract people to buy from you by clicking on your link.
  • Some Affiliate networks provide basic training on how to promote products and how to use their interface effectively
  • Tracking and evaluation on your promotional links so that you get to have a better understanding on your promotional strategies

 Some top Affiliate Networks

  1. Shareasale.com: This is my personal-best network for many different reasons. Digital and other products.
  2. clickbank.com: Have a whole lot of digital products in almost all niches to promote from.
  3. cj.com: Previously known as CommisionJunction, very similar to clickbank, but with a bit more variety
  4. linkshare.com
  5. Amazon.com

Does it matter which one you join? Mmm… Well, I should say Yes and No. Let me explain.

While it is important to find an affiliate program which gives you good commission rates, it doesn’t guarantee you any success at all. Because it all depends on your knowledge and ability to showcase the products you promote in front of the right people.

For example, even though amazon.com is a very huge affiliate network, their commission rates are very down low. Still, there are people out there reaping big chunks of money in commissions. That means, in spite of Amazon’s low commission rates, they are able make multiple number of sales OR they are selling products with big price tags. I hope you are following me on this…

I use Shareasale.com to promote a few products because it resonates with the way I do my affiliate marketing. I’ve tried Clickbank.com couple years before I joined shareasale, but was in vain. But if I go back to Clickbank now, I might be able to promote some products. Because now I have the knowledge and experience from a lot of trial and error.

My point is, as long as you have the proper knowledge on how and what to do in promoting products, it doesn’t matter what affiliate networking website you join.

Final Thoughts what Affiliate Marketing is:

I hope this gives you an insight of What Affiliate Marketing is, in a general perspective and how Affiliate Marketing works. Well, the journey just began for you my friend. I would suggest that you take your time to do your research and educate yourself while not to get in to traps of “get rich quick schemes”.