Alright, here is my Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes debate since Elegant Themes is now emerging as a prominent WordPress themes and tools provider, with a lot of innovations. I can see why people might consider switching from their current wordpress theme, like from Studiopress Genesis to Elegant Themes Divi. I know I did! 🙂

While no wordpress themes could claim to be perfect, sometimes you’ll feel a particular theme is “perfect” for your own needs.

I’ve already shared the “Studiopress to Elegant Themes”. In this post i’d like to give you my two cents on Studiopress Vs Elegant themes. Some key aspects you should look for if you consider this transition?

Also, I don’t intend to be too technical, instead i’d like to do an analysis of Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes from a newcomer standpoint to wordpress.

Key Differences Between Studiopress And Elegant Themes:

Both Studiopress and Elegant themes are powerful wordpress theme collections. While I cannot choose one or the other for you, here is what each of the WordPress theme providers are known for.

Studiopress is known for its powerful and efficient Framework “Genesis”. You download Genesis and also a “Child Theme” from Studiopress(or a third party of your choice) and you’d be on your way establishing your wordpress website, given that you have a general knowledge on how to get around tweaking the coding.

The catch here is your “previous experience with coding”. You should ask yourself how good you are at html/css etc. At the least, if you can google some codes and if you are comfortable with finding where each set of codes go to make the necessary changes you need to make, you should be good.

But, If You are a “Newcomer” to WordPress, and have never edited a single html/css code; you are left with whatever you saw before you bought a wordpress theme from Studiopress.

Yes, you can do a little tweak here and there, or maybe a lot depending on how good you are at learning and familiarizing the whole wordpress editing. {{{(Here is my previous experience and the reason why/how i switched to Elegant themes from Studiopress)}}}

Elegant Themes on the other hand comes as a package designed for the “Newcomers” to wordpress. Elegant Themes feature “Divi” which is their well known page builder. With Divi you are provided with a visual editor where you can actually see where or what you are doing while you write blog post.

Moreover, Elegant themes wordpress customized provides you with much more control easiness in control while you are editing a particular parameter on your elegant themes wordpress theme.

Like I mentioned above, Elegant Themes is geared more towards people with no prior experience in editing wordpress themes. Even if you are and experienced person, you’d find Elegant Themes a bit more easier. Saves you a lot of time and lets you focus on polishing your content.

Divi WordPress Theme

Aesthetics And Customisation Options (Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes):

Both Studiopress and Elegant Themes are mad to be functional and Aesthetically pleasing. The functionality part of it is in-built, by which I mean that a lot of professional work is already been put into the making of WordPress themes from both parties.

The Aesthetic part on the other hand, is where people get lost… Let me explain.

Like i mentioned above, to work with Studiopress themes, you need some kind of an idea of what really happens when you make a change here or a tweak there.

For example, Let’s say you need to change the layout width of the theme you bought. As of now there is no visual feed on what you’d be doing on the backend. You might even have to go to the style sheet to make a change manually to get the desired layout width.

At the same time, with Elegant Themes all you have to do is to go to the custom editor and move a slider left or right depending on what you are doing. And you get to see what you are doing right when you move that slider. Same with almost all customization options.

Cross Platform Compatibility- Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes:

Both Elegant Themes and Studiopress themes are dynamic and compatible with not only computers but with all devices alike. I’d give Elegant Themes a few extra thumbs up.

Elegant themes has taken an extra step it seems to make its WordPress websites look more fluid and user friendly.

I’m currently using the “Extra” theme from Elegant Themes and as you may have already noticed, users are provided with a nice “Go to top” button at the bottom, a smooth animation/transition for the header, wide layout and some more features.

Well, don’t get me wrong here. These all can be done with Studiopress themes as well. But you have to either possess the knowledge on how to tweak it or you’ll have to pay someone to do the necessary additions/coding to the theme you bought; if it did not come with it.

From a new-comer point of view this is extra steps and expenses. Personally, I don’t have the time to sit down and make changes to my wordpress theme anymore, even though i could probably do these myself with the help of Google, so I switched to Elegant Themes.

Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes

Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes-Cross Platform Compatibility

Setup- Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes:

Installing a wordpress theme from Studiopress or Elegant Themes follows similar basic steps by uploading your theme and installing it on your website.

Setting up is more easier on Elegant themes with their dedicated “Theme Options” vs the “Appearance” in Studiopress themes.

You could expect a tab for literally almost everything you’ll need to do on your wordpress website including inserting an ad at popular spots, changing layouts, colour schemes, smooth animations if available, social sharing and more.

Hence, I’d stand with Elegant Themes for the ease of Setup.

Best Bang For The Buck- Studiopress Or Elegant Themes?

For me, it is Elegant Themes. Here is why!

Currently, When you Join with Elegant Themes, you have two options to go with. A yearly plan of $89 and a one time payment of $250 for lifetime access.

As long as you are a member of Elegant Themes, you get to choose and use any of their themes at any point of time(Yearly subscription or Lifetime), for any number of websites. It would only be logical to go for the Lifetime membership if you think you’re gonna me in this “wordpress game” for long enough.

Better Yet, Elegant Themes comes with a variety of plugins built by Elegant Themes themselves. They periodically provide updates for all their themes and plugins. Members also get customer support as well from the member’s portal.

With Studiopress, you’ll have to pay for different themes if you decide to change your theme at a different point of time after your initial purchase, which majority of people don’t do. So I’m not saying that it is anything bad.

Studiopress has a good customer support as well. Also, Genesis being a popular framework used by thousands of wordpress users, a lot of third party customizations and child themes are available online for Genesis.

Which One Is More Secure- Studiopress Or Elegant Themes?

Studiopress; since their inception, has always been known for their security measures. They’re known to follow the security recommendations very closely and keep updated on tightening their coding for maximum security.

Since I personally had a bad experience while I was using Studiopress Theme, I feel like I have to lean towards Elegant Themes here on the Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes debate. Well, I am actually doing much better using Elegant themes now anyways.

I know it is not Studiopress theme’s fault(hopefully), but here is a quick snapshot of an encounter I had while I was with Studiopress.

I host with GoDaddy and has a pretty good plan going with “not so bad security features”. And I always take care of having a strong password for my wordpress portals.

In Spite of all these precautions, I had some kind of an invasion on one of my websites. Someone was able to put unauthorized ad on my website. It only showed up once in a while to the bottom of the blog post.

One of my YouTube subscribers brought it to my attention and that is when I started noticing it. At first I thought it could be one of my Chrome plugins. But it was not. I phoned GoDaddy customer service(which by the way is Awesome!) and the technician was so nice and patient to dig out the code.

So I asked if it is their fault, but he explained how using too many wordpress plugins could provide access to third party programs. Even before this encounter, i felt like those plugins were slowing down my Studiopress WordPress websites.

Don’t get me wrong here; I still cannot confirm if it is or I’m not blaming Studiopress. But once you lose your trust with something you keep seeking for better options.

With Elegant Themes, It feels like their coding is secure and checked frequently. I know I sound like a tech newbie, but this is how I’d like to explain to a wordpress newcomer. You got the idea, right?

So, as far as I am concerned, I think Elegant themes is equally secure as Studiopress and they are obviously getting better at it than before when they first started off with.

The above mentioned experience I had with Studiopress could very well be from the plugins I was using at that time and might have had nothing to do with Studiopress theme.

That being said, Elegant Themes provides Two of their most powerful and compatible plugins with your purchase of their Themes.

Elegant Themes Plugins:

Elegant Themes showcase two of their powerful premium plugins. The better part is that you don’t have to pay extra for these. You get access to these plugins when you sign up with them. You can of course buy the Elegant themes plugins by themselves.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin
Monarch, is their social media sharing plugin. A simple to install and use plugin for all your social media sharing purposes. The plugin has its own parameters that you can control.

You get to choose a few real estate on your wordpress website depending on where you want your sharing icons to appear

Bloom, on the other hand is their E-mail Opt-in plugin. This comes extremely handy if you are someone like me who is interested in keeping a relationship your readers through email. Bloom is a simple yet powerful plugin from Elegant Themes. Bloom Email Optin Plugin

You can configure the plugin with your email marketing provider and all you have to do is to do some custom settings as to how and where you want these opt-in fields to show up.

It could be triggered by user interaction or automatically when someone lands on one of your website pages/posts.

Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes (Genesis Vs Divi) Conclusion:

All in all, both Studiopress and Elegant Themes are powerful premium wordpress theme providers.

Bottom line is, if You are a well versed person with experience dealing with wordpress editing, chances are you might like Studiopress better.

At the same time if you are a “newbie” to the whole WordPress ecosystem and still figuring your way around; i’d recommend that you take a closer look at Elegant Themes. I’m pretty sure you’ll like Elegant themes over Studiopress.

So that’s it for my Studiopress Vs Elegant Themes debate here and look out for more on Elegant Themes features and functionalities.