What is SEO?Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is a group of steps you take to customize/optimize your web content (blogs, articles, videos etc.) so that your content could be easily recognized by search engines. That’s it!
Search Engine Optimization Explained:
Search engines scan “The Web” on a continuous basis to keep account of relevant content they deem important to provide to users as “search results” in the form of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Once these search engines “crawl” the web and find relevant content, they order and index these findings.
So, THE REAL QUESTION here is; How can we, as content creators get these search engines to take a serious look at OUR content and get them to brand us/our content as “worthy”, to a relevant topic/niche?

ANSWER:  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How Does SEO Work?

How Does SEO Work?Remember how we talked about search engine “Scan” the web for fresh contents? Alright, this is how it is done. Search engines use a set of programs or “Algorithms” to do this web scanning. These algorithms (Also called Bots, Crawlers, Spiders etc.) look for certain factors to meet their needs so that they can perform a scan/read.

Here is an example of a list of things these algorithms look for:

  • Unique, engaging Content with text, videos and images
  • Keywords in Titles
  • Keywords in links (outgoing)
  • Keyword relevancy and density
  • Backlinks (incoming links to your content)
  • Engagement with users

So once the algorithm performs a scan of your content/blog and sees that your content meets the requirements, your content would get indexed higher on related search results to your content.
Here is the REAL DEAL! – So by doing proper SEO, search engine algorithms will see that your content meet all required specifications and perform their “Scan” on your content. This is how SEO really work.

Search Engine Optimization Basics:

Search engine optimization skills are evolving so fast and as of now, you really need to keep yourself up to date on what is new. Let it be blogging, video creation or any form of content creation. The good news is that search engine optimization basics stays the same for a beginner to kick start on.

SEO is easily said than done. Search Engine Optimization Basics are those techniques/skills you can develop by practice. There is no shortcut to that. So here is a list for you to start learning SEO basics one step at a time.

  • Learn how to do a successful Keyword Research for SEO
  • Craft your own original content: “Content is king” But “Plagiarism is the devil”
  • Learn On Page SEO Techniques
  • Learn Off Page SEO Techniques
  • Backlinking
  • Promote your content

Alright, that’s pretty much for Search engine optimization basics. My only request for you is to take it ONE STEP AT A TIME. Take your time to learn and educate yourself in each skills, then move forward. Set yourself a schedule to take the learning curve on search engine optimization basics. I wish you all the very best on your online success.