On Page SEO Techniques are to be used while making a blog post/website and after publishing it online. These are skills you should have to master in a way so that you start implementing it on each and every blog post you make without even having to think about it. Here are Five On Page SEO techniques you can start using right now.

On Page SEO Techniques:

  • Proper keyword Usage: The main keyword/phrase of your blog post should be in your; a) Title b) Meta Tag c) Description d) Evenly spread across your main content e) place your keyword in at least one of the headings on your content (h1, h2 tags).
  • Your URL: Your URL should be weaved in a natural, readable manner. That means it is readable to humans and search engine crawlers as well.                                                                     E.g. www.yourdomain.com/yourblog/yourtopic/yourblogpost VERSUS www.yourdomain.com/wp-content/blahblahfolder/crappy-numbers567
  • Inter-website links: Go ahead and link to pages inside your own blog/website according to relevancy of that particular context (Don’t overdo it though.2-3 is good enough). In addition to these links, I usually include about 3-5 Related Posts or Read More on the topic option at the end of each article. This gives your blog a standalone dignity from the search engines when they see there is room for the users to explore more.
  • Use image alt text: Insert images in your webpages/blog posts appropriately and make use of the “alt text” option to use your keyword in there. This tells search engines what your image is about and reads it along with your blog content.
  • Embed Related Video: This one technique alone has helped me rank quite a few of my blog posts. In accordance with all the above mentioned On Page SEO techniques, this step completes it all to give your blog post a perfect round up from a search engine stand point. Meaning, your content is now complete with all engagement audio/visual media with info graphics and text. Videos also provides a reason for your readers to stay in your blog for a longer time, which is a big plus.

On Page SEO is only a small part of the whole Search Engine Optimization process. You should not be expecting a huge jump in your rankings just by applying one part of the SEO process. Once you understand and master How SEO works, it’d be more easy for you to apply these techniques while content creation.

It’s up to you now. Are you one of those people who look for one page after another for On Page SEO techniques and don’t take any action, or are You the one who start implementing what you just learned?