Custom thumbnails are undoubtedly one of the major features on your YouTube account to gain visibility and in turn, more subscribers. But a lot of YouTube accounts have the no custom thumbnail option unless they are activated. In this blog post here, I’d like to include the videos I made on how to Enable/Turn on custom thumbnail option on your YouTube Videos.

No Custom Thumbnail Option On YouTube Video

As the videos show above, if you have no custom thumbnail option on YouTube videos, you can enable it either by Verifying your YouTube account or by Monetizing your YouTube videos.

Years ago, Custom thumbnails were a privilege entitled to only to certain YouTube channels with high subscriber counts. As a part of periodic modifications done by YouTube, I changed a lot and as we see now everyone can change their thumbnails to custom thumbnails on YouTube videos. BUT to qualify, you have to prove YouTube that you are serious about what you are doing by one of the measures mentioned above.

I hope you found this helpful and resolved your “No Custom Thumbnail Option” problem”. If so let me know by commenting here on this blog post or on one of the videos. Feel free to check out my other YouTube Tutorials as well.