My previous blog post was on “What is VERO” and now that i’ve invested hours in Vero app, solving my own questions about the Vero app, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned with you guys. Hence this “How to use VERO App” post.

How To Use VERO App:

Vero, the true social app definitely has a different feel and look to it. The changing blurry background effect according to what you are watching has a big refreshing change to it, coming from other social media apps.

When you open the Vero app, you are welcomed with your feed which is presented to you in a chronological order of posts. Meaning, there is no algorithm or advertisements or any other kind of time sensitive share release.

I like the fact that there is no annoying advertisements or distractions among the shared posts from the people whom you follow.

You have the navigation icons on the top right corner; where you can search for people, hashtags etc. Also your dashboard where you are allowed to make changes on your name and description. You may add links on your description as well. The unique feature of Vero True Social is the “collections”. Next to it is the notifications and chats tabs. That summarizes the navigation icons. Let’s get into it one by one.

The Search Icon:

This is where you’d search for a name in particular or for your friends just as you would do on facebook or instagram.

Also, you could find the trending topics on Vero, Popular hashtags, products, featured users etc.

Vero Dashboard:

The dashboard is where you have your avatar icon, your bio, number of connections, followers etc.

Also, all of your posts to your Vero account, requests and settings could be accessed from your dashboard.

You can upload a maximum of three avatars. I’m still not sure if you could rotate between the avatars or if you’d have to change it manually.

On the bio section you could add a description on what you are about; like you would do on instagram. You could also add links to your bio. I’ve added my YouTube channel link to let people know about my YouTube channel.

Vero Connections:


People who’d like to “connect” with you could be grouped into acquaintances, friends and close friends. You’re the only one who’d know who you’ve grouped in to what groups.

The purpose of this groups in connections is rendered while you share something on Vero. when you share a post, you could control who sees it.

Collections on Vero App:

“Collections” is a unique feature on the Vero app where the posts from you and the people whom you follow are curated and organized under. Collections are again categorized into photos/videos, links, music, movies/tv, books and places.

You can come back under this tab anytime and search for a previous post if you remember any part of it and the post could be found that manner.

Notifications Icon:

It is under the notification tab where you can see all the likes and comments on your posts. It is very much similar to what Instagram has.

Chats Icon:


This is where you could have private chats with people. More like DM in Instagram.

How Post/Share A Post On Vero:

You could start by tapping on the “plus” icon at the bottom of your feed, which would in turn pop up a screen with the options camera, link, music, movie/tv, book and place. This is almost the exact options you can find under the “collections” tab.

Depending on what you’d like to share, you’d be taken through simple steps, like you would do on any other social media app.

That would be my quick rundown on how to use Vero app. Now let us look at some titbits on Vero.

How To Use Vero App: Non-Technical

If you think about from a different angle, this you could use Vero app to find you way to open your brand to a lot of new people. Since Vero is on its developmental stages I would assume that a lot of limitations other social media platforms have would not be present over here.

To give you an example, in the Vero app bio, you could add more than one external links which is almost non-existent in Instagram.

You could use this real estate to insert your website and you YouTube channel if you have those or any other similar links.

Similarly, the hashtag game is in its very young stages here in Vero. you could get a certain exposure rate here from the hashtags alone.

Vero Meaning:

So what does Vero mean? Vero means “Truth” in Esperanto language. Maybe that is why they call this the “True social”.

How Many People Use Vero?

Well, when Vero became popular all of a sudden, it had a “free for life” opening for the first million signups.

But Vero has updated its website and now it says “Due to extraordinary demand, Vero extends Free for life offer”.

So anyone could assume that currently Vero has surpassed a million users already. I would assume that as the word get around quick, which it is; more people would surge in for Vero signups. I personally don’t think Vero would reveal how many people use Vero once they close their free for life offer.

Vero Subscription Fee:

On their website Vero said there would be a subscription fee for those who join Vero after the first million signups. Now that they have extended the free for life offer from more that a million users, we’re not sure what the cut off point is.

Also, Vero has not mentioned on an exact amount on what the subscription fee would be. So it would have to wait for them to update it on Vero website.

How To Use Vero App- Conclusion:

I hope this helped to get an idea on how to use the new Vero app. Social media has always been and will be changing quicker than ever. The emergence of Vero is a true example of what turn it could take. Who would have thought there would be a social media platform which would charge a fee for people to use it.

Would Vero stand the test of time or not, we’ll have to wait and see. But it is sure that people are frustrated with the aggressive data collection and the excessive demonetisation of other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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