Alright here is my video on how you can change or add a custom thumbnail on your youtube video in 2015. It is apparent that the layout for youtube has been changing and it look like this on we have right now is going to stay for a while. I will also post a series of images on how to enable your custom thumbnail for your youtube video below my video here. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any. Leave them on the comments on youtube or here at the blog.
Change Custom Thumbnail On YouTube Video 2015:

Steps To Change Custom Thumbnail On YouTube:

  1. Log in To your YouTube Account  
  2. Click “Creator Studio” from the drop down menu from Avatar Icon change custom thumbnail on youtube-step 2
  3. Go To Video Manager to select the video change custom thumbnail on youtube-step 3
  4. Click Edit on the video you need to change custom thumbnail change custom thumbnail on youtube-step 4
  5. Click “Add Custom Thumbnail” to upload your thumbnail from your computer change custom thumbnail on youtube-step 5

For some, the option to add a Custom Thumbnail does not even show when the go to Edit page. This would be because the “Monetization” on your YouTube account is not enabled. So you might have to go click on “channel” from creator studio, and click “monetization” from the drop down menu. If you do not already have an adsense account, you will be prompted to sign up for one at this point.
I hope this helped you to add/Change custom thumbnail on your YouTube channel-2015. Leave comments either on this post or on the video on YouTube.