The Video below shows exactly How To Add Social Media Icons/Buttons To Your YouTube Channel. Adding your social media links definitely helps in gaining more exposure and credibility to you/your brand. I would suggest each and every online enthusiast to be active on at least 3-5 social media websites. But do not let it take you to a point where you cannot manage all your social media altogether and in turn deviate you from your main path of your online endeavour.
Focus and maintain two platforms (preferably Blog/Website and YouTube/Facebook/Pinterest) as your core playgrounds. And promote those two platforms through other social media websites to attain visibility. Choosing social media websites which works for your needs is surely a hassle. But that is one unavoidable thing you have to go through and workout. OR, you can do your research and see if other people do the same things as you and try to improve on those methods. Anyway, I’ll let you watch my video on How to add social media icons to your YouTube channel.

How To Add Social Media Icons/Buttons To YouTube Channel 2016 :

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