YouTube has been changing its layout a lot and it looks like they’ve figured out what works best for the creators to find different things inside their YouTube channel and to make it a better place to work with. Along the way there have been things like how to add a YouTube trailer, how to view your Subscribers etc got mixed up; actually it did not get mixed up, but just got re-arranged. So here is how to add a trailer to your YouTube channel in 2015.

Add YouTube Channel Trailer-2015 Video:

Steps to Enable YouTube channel trailer:
1. Login to your account

2. Go to and click “My Channel”

click my channel


3. Hover over your Channel Name and look for the “Pencil” on right hand upper corner

Hover over name


4. Click on the pencil and click Edit Channel Navigation

edit channel navigation


5. Enable Browse View in the new pop up page and save

Enable Browse view


6. There you have your YouTube channel trailer

Add Youtube Channel Trailer 2015
And That  is how You Add Channel Trailer to your YouTube account. Hope you found this helpful. If so, don’t forget to be on my e-mail list.