Many of us don’t have a flip screen DSLR camera for video production and could lead to this common mistake of recording the whole video, just to find out that you filmed it all out of focus. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to have a screen to see yourself while filming/recording?.

Well, here is good news. There is an Android App called DSLR Dashboard which lets you to connect your Android phone/Tablet to DSLR camera. You can not only see yourself while filming but control almost all camera settings also via your phone/tablet.
How Can I See Myself While Filming Video:

What Will You Need To Connect Your Camera?

  • A DSLR Camera (…Duh)
  • USB cable for your camera
  • OTG cable (See link Below to know what OTG cable is)
  • Android Phone/Tablet
  • Mobile/Tab holder to hold your device in front of you

You’re set and ready to Roll….

Useful Links:

  1. DSLR Dashboard App @ Google Play Store
  2. DSLR Dashboard App Review
  3. what is an OTG cable?