WOW, this is Brilliant… That was what I said to myself after staring at the video like a zombie, literally. Geico, or whoever came up with this magnificent idea should be a video marketing genius.
The challenge here is to get people to watch the whole ad without skipping it after 5 sec. Well, they even named it the “Unskippable Campaign”. I’ll let you watch the best one here and dissect the idea to see what they have done to revolutionize YouTube TrueView video ad campaigns. They have Literally Re-invented YouTube Pre-Roll Ad.

GEICO Car Insurance AD

What is a TrueView YouTube Video Ad?
We’ve all seen that ad which runs before the YouTube video with that “Skip” button with 5 sec timer on it. This is one of the best pre-roll video ad product Google/YouTube has come up with, which delivers a high return for the advertiser. Why? Simply because viewers pre-qualify themselves targetable in that 5 sec time window. They stay and continue to watch if the video ad appeals to them or they “Skip” the video ad. And the advertiser pays for the video ad only if the viewer decides to watch it.
The “Unskippable” Geico Video Ad Idea:Geico Unskippable Preroll ad
Geico’s low interest car insurance message is delivered in just 5 seconds and the announcer says “You can’t skip this GEICO ad because it’s already over.”. At the same time all the actors fall into a traumatizing spell. Actors stay still for the rest of the video while the dog jumps up on the table and eats food off of their plates.
Now, What Geico has done is that they came up with this “Unskippable ad” idea just for YouTube TrueView video ads. If you think about it, these Geico ads won’t make any sense at all if played for TV advertisement. But on YouTube it not only gets the message delivered, but also gets 100% if viewers’ attention.
Even though the term “viral” is used and misused, these Geico ads have a viral nature to it too. Because people are going to talk about this new ad on YouTube and for sure are going to share it.
The Screenplay:
In the video above, even though the dog is moving around, eating food off of their plates ON the table, my attention was solely on the actors’ faces. Trying to see if I can find a glitch. Well that’s exactly what the intention is from the video ad.

More “Unskippable” Geico Video Ads:

GEICO Ads have certainly made a difference all the time with their own ways. But this Unskippable GEICO ad has made a mark on YouTube Video marketing history. I call it a Pre-Roll video ad Milestone.
I wonder how other companies will adapt to this new ad changes Geico has delivered. Let’s wait and see I guess.

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