To get a ton of views on YouTube is every new YouTuber’s dream(or maybe every YouTuber’s dream). There are certain baby steps that you can take to make that “ton of views” happen. One of the important steps is to learn How to Tag YouTube Videos.

But wait; before that, do you know “How to Find those YouTube Tags For more Views?”. Yes that is right, you just cannot expect your YouTube video to get more views by adding random YouTube tags.
There is an easy way, a method you can follow to find those YouTube tags for views. By learning and implementing this, you’ll be able to find those specific YouTube tags which best describes your video and thereby help YouTube to present your YouTube video to the right user. User happy, YouTube Happy and you are happy as well!!!. Imagine a world with more happy faces! 🙂 …lol.
Anyway, here is a series of videos I made which will help you find those YouTube Tags for views and once you find those tags, to Tag YouTube video correctly.
Here is what you can expect from this blog post:

  • How To Find YouTube Tags For Views
  • How To Tag YouTube Videos correctly
  • Importance of Tagging YouTube Videos

1. How To Find YouTube Tags For Views:

This method I follow to find tags for my YouTube videos is by utilizing YouTube’s own search bar. Even though the idea is very simple, the true efficiency of this method comes from the mastery of finding the keywords/phrases by brainstorming the “search possibilities” from a user’s perspective.
You might already know this. As soon as you start typing something on YouTube’s search bar, there would appear a drop down list of “suggested” queries. Have you ever thought of why it is there? Well, it is there because other people like you and me have already searched for those similar words/sentences. The best part of it is, YouTube shows you the “most possible” search in the form of that drop down list.
Can you see where I am going with this? Heck, it is a no-brainer. If you know what words people are using to find similar content like your’s, why won’t you go straight ahead and use it in your YouTube video tags?. In the above embedded video, I show you how I find YouTube video tags for a video I did on one of my YouTube channels.
start typing in what your video is about and carefully filter through all the different suggestions provided by YouTube. Master on how you can hand pick the most relevant keywords/phrases from those. That’s it. It works for me; so why should it not for you?

2. How To Tag YouTube Videos:

Alright, for this one I really have to ask you to go straight to my video and watch it. Watch the below embedded video to see how to tag a YouTube video correctly.

3. Importance of Tagging YouTube Videos:

Let’s do some talking here. Tagging YouTube Videos is often ignored by new YouTubers simply because they don’t yet know how important it is to tag a YouTube video. If you don’t know yet, YouTube Tags are also the part of a YouTube video’s “Meta Information” along with it’s Title, Description and Thumbnail.
During that time period when YouTube tries to figure out what you video is about and how good it is just after uploading your video, YouTube uses all it’s meta information to evaluate and to relate your video with other similar videos.
YouTube Tags are so important to acquire more views because, properly tagging your YouTube video will help your video to position along side other popular YouTube videos. Let’s thinks about it for a sec here. Let us say that you are a new YouTuber-Gamer (don’t know if that’s the correct word, but you know what I mean), and you have an option to place one of your new gaming video along side with pewdiepie’s video. Would you say no? NO! YOU WOULD NOT! Because it is almost guaranteed that a certain percentage of pewdiepie’s viewers are going to click and view on your video as well while your video is placed alongside on related videos.
This is pretty much what happens when you master the art of YouTube Tagging. YouTube literally “Tag”/relate your video to an array of other similar videos and thereby opening doors for more visibility to your channel. what does that mean now? More Views and More Subscribers!!!. More Happy faces 🙂

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