HOW DO I get started online? where do I start?… It is too confusing! Almost every single new person to enter the online world goes through these questions and often end up in spending their money in spoofs.

Well, I have gone through this same phase and have done a lot of mistakes before I landed on a solid track. I’d like to share with you some basic steps that you could consider if you are looking to do something online. These does not confine to a particular matter, but any online endeavor you might like to indulge with.

There are certain possessions you should have before you start off, regardless of your expertise in that particular area. Well if you are going to learn how to use a bike, u got to have one first, right? It doesn’t matter if you rent it, own it or got as a gift for free. What matters is you have one at your disposal.


Build Online Presence

You have to set certain long term goals before you start online. When you know what you want to achieve out of your activities, you will eventually reach there. It could be publishing your work, fame, financial achievements, an online income etc. Once you set your ultimate goal and initiate your efforts, you will find new doors and opportunities which will lead you to your goal.

So what about short term goals? Well, the funny part is you’re going to find those all around you. You’ll have to learn how to prioritize and get you short term goals done.

Let me explain. When I started off years before, I had no clue what I was doing. But my long term goals were to create an online presence for myself and to create an income stream. I needed to learn how to create a website, how to edit a picture, how to make videos, how to setup websites… so forth and so on. I took all these hoops as my short term goals and undertook one by one.

One thing would lead to another and it easy for you to get distracted. So it is so important to prioritize your short term goals to ultimately reach your long term ones.


Build Online Presence with your Blog

Now, this is where many people fail. Like I mentioned before, to learn how to ride a bike you have to have a bike; it doesn’t matter where or how you got it. Likewise, you have to have a solid platform for yourself so that people could reach/find you. It could be your Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook page etc. But it is always wise to have a Blog for yourself so that you can call it “Your own”. Nowadays, technology has developed to an extend where even school age kids can manage blogs.

So if you don’t know how to get one, there is your first priority right there. Go learn how you can get and manage a blog. You can buy WordPress hosting and get all the setup done at websites like If you have no clue whatsoever and don’t want to spend any money, try You don’t even have to pay a penny to get started and at any point of time down the line you could upgrade it to a fully functional blog.

This would be what you can call your Home. People can always come back anytime to access your content and to see what new you have to offer. You’ll see the importance of having a blog for yourself in the next step; continue reading.


SOCIALLEVERAGESocial websites have invaded our lives in such a way that it almost feels like we can’t live without it. What does that mean for you and me? Well, it means we know where to find people who are interested in our stuff. Your role is to participate in the conversation and showcase your work/content. Once people see that you have something of their interest, they will automatically start sharing and talking about it.

Your blog plays major role here to receive your new visitors and provide them with what they are looking for.

So what can you do to achieve that level? The answer is simple. Open accounts in those social networks. Be a part of the conversation by joining related groups/pages. Share your relevant and valuable content with those people.

Please don’t go open up every single ones out there. Here are some of my recommendations which serves well for me.

  1. Start a Facebook account/page just for your online establishment.
  2. YouTube- Believe it or not, this is “THE Biggest” platform as of when I write this. So if you are still not into it, do whatever you need to and start ASAP.
  3. Google+: As of now, it is not big of a deal in terms of online exposure. But it surely provides a good value to your content when search engines like google look at it.
  4. Pinterest: if done in an orderly manner, Pinterest could provide your blog with a considerably good exposure, especially from mobile device users.
  5. Twitter: I use twitter for the sole purpose of my brand exposure. It surely could let a lot of new people to discover you and your content.
  6. Flickr: Only if your content is related to photos, cameras etc. works really good for sharing and getting new visitors.

Now, you would discover that it takes unique methods to tame each social platforms. That would be an entirely different blog post, so I am just leaving it at that.

My strategy is to make a core content; for example, a blog post or a Video and share it in different social platforms with respective appealing graphics. That way people will have a sense of continuity when they land on my blog.


Build Online Presence

There is no perfect way for anything. Even my blog post here, is MY experience and how I did it. This is where I landed and works for me perfectly. But if you made some tweaks out of this and found a better twist, who am I or anyone else to say otherwise.

So, evaluate your work constantly. Track and study your analytics, learn to read the numbers. See which strategy you implemented works best and work towards making it perfect.


Let me be really honest with you. It takes a whole lot of patience to be successful online. Be it starting out with a blog or even with social media, it takes time. Do not expect anything to happen overnight. You’ll be in a process of continuous learning and tweaking your doings, all the way until you hit a solid track where you convince yourself to be successful with your set goal.

Build Your Online Presence

Never fear about failing, but learn from your failures. In my opinion, you could never buy the wisdom you acquire from your own failures; online or otherwise.