Let’s face it! You started a blog, you had some blog topic ideas of your own, you were fired up. Took your time to carve up your first/first few blog posts, What a satisfaction! Days went by. And now you want to write more but don’t know what to write. You are out of blog topic ideas.

You’re not alone. Been there, done it, been through that pain. So here I am showing you exactly what I did to find Trending new blog topic ideas for my blog posts. Every time! Now you can steal away my secrets. Well, you’re not stealing… I guess! Because I am letting you take it, right? so “steal” doesn’t apply… I guess. Lol!!!

Seriously though, depending on what subject matter you are writing your blog about, I’m pretty confident that at least one of the following methods is going to be fruitful, if not all; in terms of finding new blog topic ideas. I strongly encourage you to try each and every one of it and land on one method for a long term blogging basis.

1.Know What’s trending

If you are into blogging and/or making YouTube videos on latest fashion, beauty, celeb gossip, news etc. this is going to help big time.

  • Google trends: This is the place to be if you are someone who give importance to visitor demographics and/or trends by region. It could lead you to choose more “specific” topics to make a blog with or a group of blog posts from a sing blog topic idea.
  • Buzzsumo
  • What is trending on Facebook Trend Setup/Twitter

2.Google Alerts- Let your Blog Topic follow you

Google Alerts lets you follow your Topic/Niche with hot blog topic ideas from google right inside your inbox. All you have to do is to head over to Google Alerts and put your Niche/Topic in the search bar, give your e-mail address, tweak some filters on how often you want google to send you these and that’s it.

Google alerts is one heck of a treasure for me from the start of my online content creation till now. You could not only get Inspirations for new blog topic ideas but also see who your competitors are at some topics and what they are doing to get an upper hand on the industry. Once you get the knack of it, it’d be one unavoidable tool for you.

3.Keep track of what others are doing

Do a google search on the best blog topics you have in mind. Find about 7-10 blogs out of the following result and follow them on their blog and/or social media. I am not encouraging you to copy anyone or anyone’s content in any form, but instead this would help you get a kick start on blog topic ideas. These people you follow could be your future competitors. They are polished on what they do and that could be the reason why they showed up on the top search result for the blog topic you searched for.

Again, you can use Google Alerts for this as well. When you create your “Google Alert”, you can choose where you want the alerts from. Select “Blogs”.

What I am suggesting here is that you make use of their expertise. They’ve already did their research on blog topic ideas and figured out what to blog about in your same field, right? See how they structure their content. Most probably few of them would give out ideas on how they do their writing, videos, graphics etc. This is a powerful method for anyone new to blogging who has a hard time finding things to blog about.

know what's trending

4.Info-Graphic Translation:

Alright, this is something I used to do when I started blogging years ago. This could become a powerful method to find blog topic ideas that make a fuzz. While there are a lot of social media platforms that make use of Info-graphics, my choice of preference is Pinterest; especially if you are someone who are looking for blog topic ideas on fashion, cooking, health, online establishment etc. There was a time when I used to be on Pinterest just to find blog topic ideas. I am confident that this would give a whole list of what to blog about on your field of expertise.

Here is what you do. Find the most frequent content creators on Pinterest. Follow them and find those pins that trend the most on your particular niche. Find inspiration from those long info-graphics and start writing from your own words. Maybe you know one or two more things they forgot to mention about the topic you chose. Make use of keyword research to find the most relevant keywords/phrases for your blog posts.

5.Google Search Suggestion:

This is something I use to refine one of my blog topic ideas to a much narrower version. All you have to do to utilize this method is to get inspiration from one of the above said blog writing ideas and start typing in your best blog topic in google, but do it slow. Let google suggest you with some related terms and phrases. Like I mentioned before, this is to be used more like a filtering process to pin down on your blog topic ideas.

There you are peeps. I could go on and on with a lot of blog ideas and inspirations. The main thing is that you find a way suitable for you to get started and stick with it. Once you get your feet wet with your blogging career, I am more than confident that you will develop your own method or combination of tricks to come up with topics to blog about.