Author: Bob Babu

What is an OTG Cable- Video Shows what it is Used For

OTG stands for “On The Go”. OTG cable enables your phone or tablet to act as a hosting device to other USB compatible devices and thereby makes the file transfers or controls possible. It has a plug in which goes in to your hosting device (phone or tablet) and the other end would be a female port, to receive the usb compatible device. So, with the help of an OTG cable you can view/transfer files from your flash drive to your phone/tablet, work your usb mouse or keyboard, make connections possible with a variety of other usb...

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Remove Free Download Manager & WeDownload- How to Stop Pop up Ads

Here are a few serious help for you to get rid of the most annoying things on the internet and I mean it; really really “ANNOYING”. Pop up ads and adware ads. The inventor of pop up ads, Ethan Zuckerman himself apologized for inventing “internet’s original sin”. Read about it at here _blank Now, almost all of us, at some point have gone through this annoying experience of seeing adds and pop ups everywhere on the internet all of a sudden. First off, I am going to show you some ways to get rid of the pop up ads and then I will discuss how these ads take over your internet browser. Method #1: Delete Plugin/add on. No matter what browser you are using, find you add on or plugin/extension from under settings menu. Look for the any suspicious adware (See some of the popular adware plugins to look for at the end of this post). If you have a lot of plugins on your browser, read descriptions for each plugins to see what it is for. Delete the one which you don’t trust. Below is how you can do it on google chrome. Chrome Browser: Open a new tab – Go To: Customize and Control Google Chrome->  Setting-> Extensions Method #2: Uninstall the Adware from your Computer You might want to do this even if ads are not...

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