Some of us have been long waiting to know How To Add Clickable link On YouTube Video Mobile and here is the answer- “Endscreen and Cards” on YouTube Mobile Video.

YouTube recently introduced this feature called “Endscreen” which could be considered as an advanced version of annotations which we are all accustomed to. By now we all know that the trend in consuming online content; especially YouTube videos leans to smartphone/mobile devices. And for the same reason, as a content creator you should be equipped to run with the latest biasing. But the only caveat here is that you can only use either of one but not both. I mean either Annotations or Endscreen on your YouTube videos.

Clickable Link On YouTube Video Mobile

YouTube Endscreen- How does Endscreen work?

YouTube Endscreen is an area in the video screen where you can add clickable link on YouTube video for mobile devices click through from.

As of now, Endscreen is only available towards the last 20 seconds of a YouTube video. You may use this feature to promote your channel or a related channel, a video and a few more options. You can add up to 4 elements at the end of a video at a time.
When you are on the edit screen for YouTube Endscreen, you will be presented with the edit tools for this feature and the area where you can add an Enscreen would be highlighted in blue color.

Annotations or Endscreens?

Alright now, this is where you’ll have to decide about Clickable Links on Your YouTube Video. As of now, like I mentioned above you must choose between annotations or endscreens but not both.

The better part of endscreen is that it works on both Mobile devices and desktop computers and the drawback is that it only works towards the end of a YouTube video (last 20 seconds). But again, if you are looking for how to add clickable link on a YouTube video mobile, you are left with Endscreen for sure.Also, Enscreen feature has a true potential to gain you more YouTube subscribers and to acquire watch/session time on your YouTube videos, which is a big plus for you YouTube channel/videos to show up on search results and related YouTube Videos.

Annotations on the other hand can only be displayed and used for desktop computers. Sometimes I’ve found it hard to decide between annotations and endscreen. But my speculation is, that annotations are going to be taken away pretty soon. Because “YouTube Cards” are getting much popular than annotations.

What are Cards?

“YouTube Cards” is the second option you have, to add more clickable links on YouTube video mobile. You can add up to four cards elements in a YouTube video. Unlike endscreen, cards can be used anywhere on the time line.

Once you properly add a card to your video, when the time hits the place where the YouTube card is added, a teaser text with appear on the upper right corner of the video. And if the user clicks on it, a card will be shown with a thumbnail and a heading text. This could be a video, an online product, or your associated website. The teaser text will be shown for about 6 seconds and will draw back to become an “i” on the upper right corner. But the user can at any point during the video, can click on that “i” and go through all the cards on that video.

How to Use YouTube Cards?

Cards work best with timely mentioning in the video about anything you want to take your viewers’ attention to. You may want to mention a recent e-book you wrote in the video and at the same time, add a YouTube card so that it would show the link to your e-book.

YouTube cards can be effectively used to increase session/watch time, by mentioning about a YouTube video of yours and appropriately adding a card to that video.

I hope this helped you with adding clickable link on YouTube video and to make a choice between Annotations and Endscreen. Let me know about your thoughts either here on the blog post or in the video. I would really appreciate your comment.